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Welcome to, home of scripple's clan of Volks Dollfie Dream dolls and their crazy adventures known as the Dysfunctional Dollfie Theater. Here you can read their tales in the story archives or you can hop on over to the forums and interact with them and other dolls from imaginative collectors all over the internet.

If you've got some dolls of your own and an imagination for role play please feel free to sign up and let your dolls join in the fun. They don't have to be Dollfie Dreams. Obitsu dolls, Yamato VMF50s, Azone Pure Neemo and larger dolls, resin dolls, we're flexible. Even if you don't own a doll but just enjoy some good stories and crazy antics you're absolutely welcome. So please join us today.

A Brave Little Sheep

Posted by scripple in DDT Stories on May 27, 2017, 11:28:09 PM
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We pick up right after the last story.

*The demons have gathered up Hannah's body parts and arranged them in a pattern of which they are quite fond; a pentagram.  Having done so they invoke a demonic ritual to summon the arch-demon of the world so that he may join the celebration of the unsealed angel's death and bestow favor upon those who accomplished this great task*


Demonic Victory

Posted by scripple in DDT Stories on May 27, 2017, 10:33:56 PM
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Much is happening throughout the world and the forum.  We briefly summarize a few elements here.

A mysterious stranger sent cryptic messages to the submarine Dee is commanding suggesting Dee travel to a set of coordinates in the middle of the ocean.  After very personal information was relayed to Dee via the messages related to her deceased demon friend, Dark, Dee was convinced to go.  There she found a stranger alone on a raft.  Ilya says the stranger is the "worst kind of elf".  Whatever that is she seems quite driven and scientifically literate and is currently working with Dee to travel to a long abandoned WW2 mad science lab in an attempt to form a cure for the disease.

Shortly after that meeting, but unrelated, rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans across the world had their surface waters raised to a rapid boil.  Narmer and Menes declared it was Bast sterilizing the waters as no other being could possibly generate the energy required to perform such an act.

Meanwhile, although not discussed elsewhere on the forum, the death and panic across the world on an unprecedented scale has sent the remaining demons into a frenzy.  Some because the hosts they possessed became too weak to be useful as the disease ravaged them.  Others are just drunk on the negative energy that now permeates the world.

They have sensed what both Hannah and Bast have done.  They know that both are weak and thus the demons grow bold.  Bast is their greatest enemy but even after a feat as draining as boiling the world's oceans they still know she would make quick work of them.  So instead they turn their attention to Hannah, the unsealed angel.  An enemy they know may someday grow too powerful to confront.  This is their chance.  She is weak and Bast too exhausted to hunt them all down.

We now enter the original quarantine zone tonight.  The humans in this entire area are all long since dead. 

*Hannah is resting on the ground having ditched Eir as the demon activity increased.  She knows they are after her and could not stand to see Eir in harms way.  For the same reason she will not seek out Rin*


What Now?

Posted by scripple in DDT Stories on May 27, 2017, 03:38:52 PM
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We join our friends from last time.

Saber: "Asmund that looks bad.  Are you like Eir?  Will you heal this wound?"

Asmund: *Labored breathing / speaking* "Not like Eir, but it will heal."

Saber: "Good."


Mass Confusion

Posted by scripple in DDT Stories on May 27, 2017, 11:10:32 AM
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A brief recap of some action from the forum.

Hannah and Eir have moved Rin to the southern edge of the quarantine zone and Asmund, with help from Silverwing's compatriots, has brought Saber just north of it.  This was done to close the distance between Rin and Saber to increase the effectiveness of Avalon at keeping Rin alive.  With the distance closed Rin was able to briefly wake up and say her goodbyes.

The quarantine zone really has no value anymore.  The disease continues to spread throughout the globe wiping out billions of human lives.  The second sheep video was released triggering a mass outpouring by desperate people to show a support for living in a world shared with other sentient races.

Many of those in power were not so eager to share though.  Ilya compiled a list of those she witnessed who would rather have all of humanity die than ever consider sharing power and resources with some animals.  Tay released the list to the public along with other evidence she and Dee had been compiling before the outbreak of disease of separate crimes against humanity some of those leaders had committed.

Hannah was beside herself at their callousness.  How could they sacrifice so many lives to maintain power?  How could they even think they themselves would survive to use that power?  It was unconscionable to her.  She made a decision that those people must not be allowed to scare off the help the sheep had mentioned.  She would use her power to alter reality on a scale she had never before contemplated.  She knew she did not have the power to make the disease disappear and raise the dead, but her experience with the werewolf told her one thing she could do.  Her decision made, she asked Tay to put the word out that people needed to get photographs of those leaders and post them online before power failures throughout the world brought the communications network down.  Then, as reported by Eir, she collapsed from the strain of using so much power.

Soon reports and photos from around the world came in of those leaders hanging dead by their necks seemingly suspended in midair.  Their deaths freed the way for more people to show their support and ask for help against the disease.  It also encouraged hesitant leaders to be a bit more active in calling for help and pledging support for a world shared by multiple sentient species.

Hannah's act came at a cost though.  Shortly after her attack Eir reported that demons were attacking their position.  That was the last we have heard from them.

Asmund and a very weak Saber have decided to head to Eir, Hannah, and Rin's last known position.  We join them just having arrived and entered a small building searching for their friends.

Asmund: "I'm sorry.  It seems the demons have already had their way with your friend."

Saber: "Yes, but not here."

Asmund: "I'm sorry, I don't follow."

Saber: "There's no blood on the wall or the bed.  Her heart was removed elsewhere and then she was placed here.  But why?"

*Voice from behind* "Bait for our trap.  This building sits on one of our ley lines."


Another Message From The Sheep

Posted by scripple in DDT Stories on May 26, 2017, 06:12:23 PM
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In a more traditional television, radio, and internet broadcast released by Silverwing from a biohazard containment facility the sheep have a new message.